Chris Barrie

Chris Barrie

Chris's early career was as one of the principal voice artists on Spitting Image but he is now best known for his roles as Gordan Brittas in The Brittas Empire (BBC1) and the hologram Arnold J Rimmer in the hit series Red Dwarf. He has presented three series for Discovery exploring almost every invention in mechanised transport from trains to airships in Massive Engines, Massive Machines and Massive Speed which were also transmitted on Channel 5.

Guest appearances range from Blackadder to Midsomer Murders and Lara Croft Tomb Raider where he appeared as Angelina Jolie's butler, Hillary in both films.

Chris has completed two four-part series of Britain's Greatest Machines for National Geographic, both series have been released on DVD by Freemantle.

His success as Rimmer in Red Dwarf continues on Dave and internationally on TV, DVD & DTO.

For live audiences, Chris performs after dinner, as a speaker or in cabaret. He also hosts awards and lightens up conferences.

Chris Barrie as Arnold Rimmer in Red Dwarf X