Diversity Analytics

Diversity Analytics

What We Do

Diversity Analytics is a new venture launched by Trevor Philips and Charles Armitage committed to applying scientific method to our understanding of social diversity.

A Research and Advisory business focussing on modern data collection and analytical technology which will bring fresh insights to diversity and inclusion.

We aim to use the best data available, coupled with detailed analysis to help organisations to maximise the energy and creativity that comes with diversity of all kinds. We draw on our work over three decades in the field to help our clients to build a picture of how they can make their organisations more productive, effective and innovative. We work, for the most part, with board-level clients, and our strategic focus is at least as great on improving products, raising sales and service quality as on employment.


At the heart of our work is the collation and benchmarking of reliable data, and first-rate analysis leading to fresh insights. Trevor Phillips led the creation of the largest single collection of diversity data ever published in the UK, How Fair Is Britain (EHRC 2010), and our company produced the groundbreaking work on ethnic diversity in broadcast media, Superdiversity: TV's Newest Reality (Channel 4 2008). Our current work includes the development of new databases in education, employment and media.


We work with other major players in the field both domestically and internationally. Through partnership with the Centre for Talent Innovation in New York, we are creating new ways of bringing diversity – gender, ethnicity and sexual orientation – to the boardroom – and keeping it there. Through our work with Professor Richard Webber of Originsinfo Ltd we are developing new, less intrusive approaches to ethnic monitoring. With YouGov, Operation Black Vote, and Demos we are exploring the factors that influence minority voters and the impact of ethnic diversity on all voters.



Some Current Projects

The development of the National Equality Standard, a major private sector initiative led by Ernst and Young. Link: www.nationalequalitystandard.com

Diversity in Executive Recruitment, an initiative of Green Park Interim Recruitment. Link: www.green-park.co.uk

Mapping Integration, a project for Demos, the independent think-tank, supported by the Home Office. Link: www.demos.co.uk/projects

Employers Network for Equality & Inclusion: ENEI. Link: www.enei.org.uk/pages/awards-2013.html


"Don't dump diversity on HR" - an article from Personnel Today, 13 August 2013. Link: www.personneltoday.com/articles/13/08/2013/59593/don39t-dump-diversity-on-hr-trevor-phillips.htm