Noel Gay Management

Noel Gay Management

Managing Director Charles Armitage, Director Di Evans

In today's multi-media world Noel Gay Management recognises the importance of protecting every client's intellectual property, consolidating a lifelong catalogue of residual payments which only 20 years ago was an income stream unique to music publishing. To ensure that fees from TV repeats, distribution deals for worldwide TV sales, from DVD sales to DTO's and Theatrical Film Distribution, are relentlessly pursued alongside an unerring commitment to the media and reputation management and exploitation of digital media content for each client in an ever-challenging market.

Di Evans began her career as a Record Librarian at BBC Radio Manchester many years ago before moving to New York where she worked in Publicity at Bell Records before relocating to LA to work with the M.D. West Coast Operations for Bell, moving on to Paramount Records.

Some years later having moved back to the UK she found herself working with Charles Armitage at Noel Gay Music, attempting to work a catalogue as old as the hills until Tony Macaulay came along with a string of hits to promote.

Apart from a small break into the world of Sales Promotions and Advertising (working for the company that promoted Formula 1 for a couple of years), Di has continued to work alongside Charles Armitage on all the various manifestations of Noel Gay.

Di's role covers everything from handling all enquiries, liaising with broadcasters, negotiating contracts and monitoring all remunerations to ensure that the consolidation of clients intellectual property is properly maximised.